An Antioxidant based on Styrenated Phenols. It is non staining and nondiscolouring Antioxidant which does not change the colour of White coloured or transparent vulcanizates.

Composition : A mixture of Styrenated Phenol
Appearance : Pale amber-coloured, viscous liquid.
SP Gravity : 1.08
Solubility : Soluble in aliphatic and aromatic ethyl alcohol, acetone and trichloroethylene insoluble in water


Disperses easily. Does not affect plasticity, set and rate of final curing. With latex goods excellent protective effects are obtained. Use of RUBOXIL SP has no influence on mechanical properties of rubber stocks. When used in proper doses does not bloom, does not produce discolouration even on exposure to light for long time. Does not change odour or taste of rubber goods. Excellent protection against oxidation is achieved with use of RUBOXIL SP.


RUBOXIL SP is used in a large number of rubber articles manufactured out of Synthetic and Natural Rubber such as hot water bottle, bathing caps, cables insulation and sheathing, brightly coloured articles, white tyre side walls, footwears, Mattings, M C. Sheets etc.
RUBOXIL SP is also used in latex articles such as dipped goods & Foam Goods. It is non toxic and is used for products coming in contact with foodstuffs.
DOSES : As Antioxidant 0.5 to 2 phr.
STORAGE : Stable in normal conditions

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